Secateurs/Pruning shears

Bird netting protects crops and plants against bird invasion and ensures a healthy environment, free of bird infestations. The nets are strong, durable and weather resistant while allowing for enough airflow and light to ensure good crops.

Cutting Saw

For accurate grafting and budding, EABCL knife has a comfortable grip and is made of steel and brass

Rose Harvesting Secateurs (Cut and Hold)

Support climbing crops are light in weight, easy to install, flexible, UV stabilized and durable with good strength, resistance to acids and alkalies.

Supper Prunner

Made of Brass, they are both durable and rust-resistant. They come in Cut and Hold, 10 mm and 10 - 12, suitable for all types of pruning and shearing.


our sprayers are specifically designed for your liquid chemicals applications. they come in different colours and volume