Catch Master Rolls (Blue and Yellow)

15 cm x 100 M and 30 cm x 100 M rolls of Blue colour - for Thrips , Yellow - for White flies with Glue and Black for Tuta absoluta on both sides. IPM friendly.

Catch Master Cards (Blue and Yellow)

A4 (220x330 mm) sized insect trap cards of Blue colour - for Thrips, Yellow colour - for White flies with Glue on both the sides, ideally 300-350 traps per Hectare. IPM friend. They are perforated and can be cut into 3 pieces.

Catchmaster Glue

Hot Melt UV Resistance Insect Trap Glue for for use with Catchmaster Rolls and Cards.

Solar Insect Trap

Ideal for caterpillars, whiteflies, moths, thrips, any crawling and flying insect, is Eco friendly as it uses Solar Power and reduces the use of Chemical Pesticides. 4 - 6 traps per Hectare.