Butik Xtra 200 SL

Contains Glufosinate Ammonium belonging to the phosphorylated group of amino acid group of herbicides. Glufosinate Ammonium inhibits non-selective, contact with some systemic action. Exposed plants end up with reduced levels of an enzyme, glutamine synthase, and elevated ammonia levels in the tissues, halting photosynthesis and resulting in the plant death

Dorian 80 SL

Inhibition of photosynthesis at photosystem III

Flair 50 EC

Flair 50 EC is a selective pre-emergence to post-emergence herbicide to control weeds in paddy rice. It inhibits growth and reduces cell division of weeds in wet-sown rice and in nursery beds

Gyprom 480 SL

Non-selective herbicide absorbed by the leaves with rapid transmission throughout the plant.

Gyprom Gold 395 SL


Walabi 400 EC

It is a strong inhibitor of photosynthesis
(Hill reaction)in weeds.