Our products are trailblazers across the sub-sectors.



Our products are trailblazers across the sub-sectors. In addition to products, EABCL is keen on providing quality support and services to all agricultural sector stakeholders. EABCL’s staffs are highly qualified with extensive experience and competence in agriculture. Our aim is to EQUIP the Kenyan farmers with knowledge and technology thereby making agribusiness a profitable venture.


Abamectin 5%, Abamectin 0.5%+ Beta
Cypermethrin1.5%, Pyriproxyfen 10.8%
Deltamethrin 0.25%, Pyriproxyfen 10.8%
Imidacloprid 70%, Emamectin Benzoate
5.7%, Imidacloprid 35%, Cartap Hydrochloride 4%, Pymetrozine 25%
Cyromazine 20% SP, Cyromazine 5% + Monosultap 25%, Malathion 50 %
Thiamethoxam 25%, ... Read more


FRAC Code,Afribat 69 WP, Afrizeb 75 WDG, Afrizeb Super 50 WP, Copter 50 WDG, Dynasty 70 WDG, EABCL Alert 50 SC, EABCL Contender 80 WDG,Embalem 500 SC, EABCL Priori 250 SC, Evade 80 WP, Practis 250 EC, Tyfos 722 SL, Vision 40 SC, Zodiac 50 WDG
Zodiac Star 30 WDG


Fertilizers Foliar Feeds

Algatistim,Calibor, Carbocal Plus
Copper Safe, EABCL Synergiac
FerroActiv (Fe EDDHA/EDDHSA 6%)/Solfert, Folia Ca, Folia K
Fruitstim, Goldamine, HUM3
Mix Drip Combi, Osmostress, Oxflower, Progress N,Trufert Humi



Dorian 80 SL
Flair 50 EC
Gyprom 480 SL


Agri Nets and Green House Materials

Anti Bird Nets, Bud Nets
Crop support Ropes/ Baling Twines
Green house ropes, Green house tapes, Harvesting Nets, Insect Nets
Mulch Films, Shade Nets
Skirting Fibres/ Side, Curtains
Thermal Nets

Insect Pest Traps

Solar Insect Traps, Catch Master Rolls
(Blue and Yellow), Catch Master Cards(Blue and Yellow), Catchmaster Glue


Soil Amendment, Growing Media, Soap and other

Mother Earth, Cocopeat,
K Soap, EABCL Rooting


Farm Hand Held Tools

Secateurs/Prunning shears
Grafting Knife